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Our Story

Our Story

Kaydora comes from a love story since 2013

We have been thinking for a long time. Finally, we decided to build our own reborn baby doll website in 2015 and the company to serve more people. Finally we built our website"
Our founder used to engage in charity activities. During an event, she met a disabled little girl. She was quiet and a little inferior. With the help of Charity staff, a small number of reborn babies were donated to the girl and her friends. When the founder saw the donated girl again, the girl started to become lively, and she started chatting with her reborn doll and friends.

Since then, our founder has been attracted to the charming of newborn babies. As a result, our founders started researching reborn babies and worked to make them universal. She hopes that reborn babies can accompany more children to grow up healthy.

Now we aim to make more quality dolls. We are committed to making Realistic and Environmentally Friendly dolls. So that more children can grow up healthy with their company; Also we hope to let more lonely seniors, orphan families, or Dink families feel the warmth of a baby doll.

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