Chloe is one of realistic baby doll of Kaydora. Her lifelike skin, blood vessel make her so real. Come and get your lifelike baby doll.

Meet Chloe _ Kaydora Lifelike Baby Doll

Chloe stands as one of Kaydora's adorable lifelike baby dolls. At 16 inches tall, she's a captivating blend of vinyl and cloth craftsmanship. Every inch boasts intricate detailing that comes together to create a heartwarming companion. Let Chloe's lifelike features and gentle body spark your imagination and capture your heart.

In the YouTube video below, you'll witness the astonishing realism in her hand-painted features, hand-rooted eyelashes, and hair. You can even spot the intricate blood vessel detailing on her delicate face! Don't miss out on experiencing the realism and charm of Chloe, the remarkable doll by Kaydora!


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